Our objective is to aid those in desperate need of help particularly children and women in Afghanistan who are battling whith hunger and cold. We are dedicated to creating tools and services to help connect our supporters and donors directly with the families in need. One 100% of what you donate goes to the people in need.

Please tune in to the Ariana Afghanistan television channel on Saturdays at 2:00PM (California Time) for a program with Abdul Qayum Qargha, the founder of OWA. The program is called Dareecha-e-Noor. You will see in detail how your donations are used directly in the Orphanage in Kabul city, for building schools, providing shelter for the immigrants, digging wells where there is no water, and the list goes on. Afghanistan is need of our help and we must not look the other way! There are thousands of immigrants from the neighboring countries that returned to Afghanistan due to harsh conditions in their hosting nations. They are facing severe and harsh conditions and sadly the government does not have any means of helping them get on their feed. So it is up to us. Let’s build Afghanistan by offering them the helping hand so that their children see a better tomorrow and thus we will see a better Afghanistan!
Our Mission